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LEXISTEMS Sensible Solutions are available worldwide through the SENSIBLE Alliance.

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With LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions®, organizations use data and systems by MEANING.

MEANING deprecates keywords, intents and the technologies that rely on them.

Think true voice enablement, human-level information processing, natural language intuitiveness...

LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions.

LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions are composable applications of our awards-winning Sensible.ai framework.

They learn industry and corporate knowledge naturally, keep data in their datastores, improve by design, deploy in the cloud or at the edge, and scale at will.

With two other essential benefits: they're provably eco-responsible and they protect data and privacy from end to end.

Bottom line: an equal amount of ROI and customer satisfaction.

SensibleSpeech is the only speech recognition solution enriched with meaning.

Meaning makes SensibleSpeech unique: it understands people the way they speak. Especially in its industry-specific versions -- off the shelf or upon demand.

SensibleSpeech is also the most flexible solution on the market. As an API or server appliance, it brings voice to any application and runs on any infrastructure, including yours exclusively. As an embedded system, it brings voice to any device or equipment and can work *without* network connection.

Being GAFAM-free, SensibleSpeech is 100% adaptable to any use case, keeps production costs under control, guarantees data security end-to-end, and complies by design with all privacy regulations, today and tomorrow.

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SensibleSearch is the enterprise search solution that uses meaning instead of keywords.

Meaning sets new standards in the search, connection and analysis of information. It gives actionable answers to virtually any kind of question. On data and documents ingested without modification. From existing or new bots and applications. It's as simple as that.

SensibleSearch is industry-agnostic. With connectors everywhere, it learns corporate knowledge naturally, can be augmented with vertical-specific expertise (from LEXISTEMS or other vendors) and connects to customers black box plugins for sensitive information. Typical production deployments are completed in less than a month, with no technical prerequisite and no IT disruption.

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SensibleSummaries is a unique knowledge summarization solution.

Think of it as a business time saver. By summing up any selected, pasted or dropped text or document, it solves the information overload problem that plagues the daily life of every professional.

Our sensible summaries are generated in seconds and delivered in text, PDF or vocal form. For better usability, they can be adapted at organization, user or document levels in aspects like length and bias (factual, vertical-oriented, etc.).

SensibleSummaries is available as an API or plug & play appliance, and can be deployed 100% on customer's premises or private cloud. Because it is GAFAM-free, it can be trained on business-specific documents, keeps costs under control, guarantees total data security and enforces privacy compliance end to end.

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SensibleMedia is the only in-media search solution available today.

Videos, podcasts and e-events contain a wealth of data and information unavailable anywhere else. With SensibleMedia, you can search within these media (public and private) just as naturally as you search within documents. A Play button in each result takes you directly to the sequence containing the information you're looking for. Right on target. So much time saved.

SensibleMedia is available as a software API or server appliance and can be deployed 100% on premises. It can work in managed or SaaS mode, addressing employees, users and/or customers. Either way, you create great value out of any media assets.

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SensibleTV is the home entertainment assistant that everyone has been waiting for.

Working standalone or on top of vocal assistants like Google's or Amazon Alexa, SensibleTV aggregates TV programs, VOD contents and additional services via a unified interface that understands people the way they speak. It delivers rich, context-aware results, and guarantees total, beyond-GDPR data and user privacy.

For the Media & Entertainment industry, SensibleTV is faster to integrate, deploy and monetize. It does not require additional electronics, fits right into existing devices and applications, and runs 100% on customers' infrastructure. Which translates into total affordability for their end users.

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We're GAFAM-free.
For your benefit.

To better meet our customers needs, LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions are totally GAFAM-free[1].

As such, they bring you unique benefits and complete control on the operational aspects that really matter:

  • Absolute data security

    • Deployment 100% on-premises or on any combination of clouds.
    • With or without public network connection. No 3rd-party tiers.
    • Jurisdiction of your choice for business and user data regulations.
  • Absolute compliance

    • RGPD, CCPA, etc. By design. Today and tomorrow.
  • Absolute adaptability

    • To your data, documents, vocabularies, frontends and branding.
    • To your data access policies: LDAP, xFA, custom ACLs or authentications.
    • To your monitoring policies: direct async publishing of any logs, metrics and traces in any format to any monitoring platform (InfluxDB + Grafana is used by default until OpenTelemetry is ready for production).
  • Absolute infrastructure flexibility

    • The Sensible Solutions are available as custom-configured Docker containers or scalable servers[2] ready to plug and play anywhere.
  • Performance

  • Edge computing

    • Improve mobile / remote performance and security.
    • Forget AWS, Azure or GCP costs, risks and pollution.
    • With or *without* internet connection[3].
  • Complete control over energy and CO2 emissions

    • Fine-grained, location-aware energy and CO2 metrics included in every returned results.
    • Metrics breakable by application, department, user, time of day, etc., on any monitoring platform.
    • Automatic energy and CO2 dashboards and reports on any time period.

These benefits are contractually guaranteed and auditable upon request.

[1] except for a few open-source base language models.

[2] any brand of your choosing.

[3] applicable to most Sensible Solutions.

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